Pyramid Light Frames


            Utilizing SeeClips  
Text Box: Education Service Center
Corpus Christi, Tx
Text Box: Education Service Center
Corpus Christi, Tx
Pre Assembled Frame - Fit Into Standard 4x4 Grid Layout                

Frame Components    
    Frame consist of assembling standard commercial ceiling grid Tee's to form a light frame and four legs. This is achieved by using SeeClips at the connecting point to provide a uniform flat plane for ceiling panels to lay on. At the end of each leg another SeeClip will provide positive stop for the tee and acceptance of the override that cross tee's have and allow uniform flat plane. Will accept a standard 2x2 light fixture.
      No Pop rivets, screws or visible attachments. Creates a visually acceptable appearance

    Cut to fit any panel, either acoustical material or reflective material.
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